The Update on Life.

Well, it has seriously been about a lifetime since I have posted anything.
Amy the gorgeous person that she is, clued me into the fact that I actually still have a livejournal.


Hmm, so updated on life.
I just ventured into the land of twitter. I know. I'm thinking of having myself commited.
I am attempting to find the appeal of the bloody thing, yet to find it however.

The band count has reached about 96, The Scissor File topping the most seen list with 17.
To be honest I'm getting a little bored. Dare I say it. I know, it's complete blasphemy.
Finding some new obsessions though. Brittle, Ikarii and The Hotel Charlie are the main contenders. Oh, and along with Electrik Dynamite.

Currently sitting at a table at uni. Jacquie is talking about Doctor Who aliens.

I really should be doing my assignment, but I have come to the agreement that I will bludge til one, acquire a V and then do work.

So I must be off. I know, I didn't really give my life's story. Try not to hyperventilate and die.

Love to all!!

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Long Time No Type

Well I am more or less just posting to keep myself occupied. I liv a boring life.
Well not completely boring.
Last night I went to my mate Adams 19th, hadn't drunk in like 6 months, and yeah, bottem line i drank too much in too short a time.
I felt like crap this morning.
And for all those interested, i am writing a fanfic entitled My Med School and have posted it in the Scrubs community.
It's slow going because this is the first one that i have written. I have mcmuffins beta'ing it for me.
Sh is makeing the world of difference so i thank her emensly.
Anywho, im done. Cyaz all laterz.
Luv Liz.
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Central Aussie!!

Hey my very lil community of LJers, got back from central yesterday morning at 7am.
Now its sux because I can't sleep on buses so i was up all night and then I went to a party last night so I only slept like 4 hours in 42 hours, I totally didn't even know that today was easter, go me!! anywho, central australia was awesome but i really cant be bothered going into detail right now lol, need more chocolate. luve yas all!!
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Hey guys. Just informing anyone who is interested that I actually got off my butt (well my sis did) and got a myspace. Nothing too interesting but its here is you wanna check it out neways.

Newhos, Luv yaz all!
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Stargate Movies!!

OMG!! So beyond excited. I am so much a fan of Stargate I can't believe i didn't find this out sooner!! There is going to be two Stargate Movies!!

The first one is going to be called Stargate: The Ark Of Truth, and the second one is going to be called Stargate: Continuum.

Stargate: The ark of Truth is going to be a continue on from the final episode of Stargate SG-1 and centers around the Ori planning to send a fleet of ships to earth, and Daniel Jackson discovered an ancient device called the Ark of Truth that has the potential to stop them.

Stargate: Continuum is about time travel. I don't really know about this one.

Richard Dean Anderson is apparently going to be in the first movie but it hasn't been confirmed that he is going to be in the second movie. Hope he is, he is one of my favourite actors.

Also can't wait for Stargate Worlds, which is going to be an online multi-player game. Probs won't be as good as the Stargate: Alliance game was shapeing up to be but guess we will never know.

Anyways, enough of my geek talk!
Love yaz all!!

Oh the Joy!

Well time for another of my non exciting posts in my non exciting journal, hey, just because i am to lazy to make a myspace does not mean i should be one of the only ones in my friendship group to have a LJ, cmon people, feel the craz!
*cough* Anywho...
Can't wait for Central Australia, it's gunna be awesome, havn't been on a camp since like, pfft i dont know, 04, yes my life is that sad.
It's gunna be good because that means i dont havta worry about skool. For all those lovely people who don't know, i am failing Math Methods.
Hey there goes the course i wanted in the ADFA(Australian Defence Force Academy), meh i'll survive. That is to say if i don't completly flunk my physics test.

Arn't i just the perfect example of positivity lol.
Don't worry just feelin sorry for myself, way to over-tired, but hey my fault, shouldn't stay up till 12 so much.
On a better note, my team won basketball today, fun!
OOOOOh and i saw that Scrubs season 5 is coming out on may 22nd :D Big grins people!!
Can't wait for tomorrow, another awesome ep of scrubs! i know im obsessed, leave me alone!
I also really wanna see that movie Wild Hogs because John C McGinley is in it! Love that guy, he's so freakin funny!

Neways, shall be off, homework to ignore and all that, love yas all!
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Geezes Frick, it had been like 3 years since i have had fights with people, its so weird when you actually have one again. i mean sure i should have a practised skill at it or something considering but for some reason im not caring right now and by the looks of it im on my own in this lil corner of the understanding field-_- grrr i gotsta get a hobby and no basketball doesnt count, that probably makes more problems than it solves, knowing me i would just end up breaking one of the bones in my body that i havnt already broken, anywho i think im dont with this ramblin session, after all i am meant to be doing my maths homework right now and i also just realized that i am using commas way to much. there we go a full stop. horrah. cya people!
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Bleh, seriously i think i have been hit by a mack truck, at least thats wat it feels like at the moment with my momentus amount of homework i have. I once again am posting out of boringness because i am just that sad and hopefully more than one person will read this when i actually manage to remember Laura's LJ name. I would have 2 friends! the love people! THE LOVE! gah im pathetic. On top of this patheticness and mack truck feeling im also annoyed by the stupid dumbass technicians at my school who decided that LJ was considered chat and therefore blocked it. I dont care if it is chat but what else am i meant to do when i am bludging....wonder if they remembered to block all the proxy sites.... If anyone is out there who is actually reading this and not someone who can just tell me at school, any proxy sites would be emensly appreciated...WE MUST STAND TALL PEOPLE! RISE UP AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT....i have so been watching to many tv shows but meh.

ANYWHO. i have been surviving on one can of that MOTHER natural energy stuff and lots and lots of wild berry skittles, decided skittles would be a smigen healthier then mnms, but alas i am still almost falling asleep at the keyboard, whoch sux because i used to stay up till like 12 and not be bothered by god i feel old. anywho, love all those out there who actually pay attention to my meaningless ramblings:P LOVE YOU ALL!!

PS, i think using lethargic as my mood sounds alot more intelligent than tired....just trying to make myself seem kooler lol:P
PPS and we are back to tired because i think the icon is more interesting:P
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bored to mindlessness

Well I am so bored that i decided to post to my jourbal once more even though there is only one person who reads it at the moment, arn't I the popular one lol. Well I had basketball training yesterday and as a result of that all my muscles are cramped up beyond belief and to make it worse i have gym tonight so I am going to feel even crappier tomorrow. I am supposed to be cleaning right now but that is even more boring than doing nothing so i am just ignoring the fact that i might die if parentals found out that i was neglecting to do as i am told once more.
School starts again soon, in classes with some of my friends which is good but the classes that i chose are more out of necessity than out of interest so i am basically screwed for VCE yay!
Anywho i think i might go and attempt to do something productive:P holidays are full of such wonderful excitment arnt they!!
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First Entry

Well, my LJ was looking a lil empty so i figured i would post something to at least entertain somebody to some level:P I would try harder but seen as i have no friends as of yet *cries* I am technically talking to myself YAY! Anywho, i have been ready fanfiction and the like on LJ for long enough and leaving anon comments which just irritate me cuz they look so boring, that i figured i should make some form of effort to make a LJ:P hopefully i will befriend people soon seen as flesh and blood friends dont have LJ accounts yet....YET! But until then, i shall keep talking to myself and reading awesome fanfiction that i cannot write myself:D!!
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